Wednesday, April 1, 2009

we got a room!

Late last night after dustin's surgery we were moved from the SIMU (intermediate care facility) to our own room! We are now located on the 6th floor of the jones pavillion...less restricted visitation so feel free to come see us.

however, yesterday we learned just how BAD dustin's injury really is:

as i mentioned before dustin sustained multiple injuries to his legs, to be more specific he fractured his left leg below the knee. and his right knee is completely shattered, he broke both the bone below and above his knee (all of which could be repairable) however he lost the majority of the tissue and skin in that area ....this is the info we already knew.

after surgery yesterday dustin's plastic surgeon met with me and my family to show me the photos taken during his procedure. i could have never prepared myself for what i saw. the top portion of dustin's thigh is normal, but from above his knee to about mid calf it is just muscle, bones and blood vessels. along the outer portion of his knee is an approx 2 inch piece of skin holding it all together. none of us knew how bad it was!!

the doctor explained to dustin and i that he has a couple of options and they are willing to go either way with us. At this point he can let them take the leg (above the knee) or we can start the process of MULTIPLE surgeries. with each and every surgery they will go in, clean the wound, save what they can and check for infection. they will have to start grafting skin from other parts of his body to hopefully begin to fill in what he is missing. this will involve taking skin from other parts of his body to repair the knee. This second option will leave dustin in pain not only during the surgeries, but perhaps for the rest of his life. and scariest of all there is no guarantee that after all this effort that he will be able to keep the leg.

Dustin is still weighing the decision (as of course any of us would be) time will bring him peace with what he chooses.

We have found oursleves wondering why something like this would happen to such a strong, passionate and loving person. our only condolence is that God must have a plan for my husband and know that he is strong enough to make it through this .

we feel your prayers every moment of every day, and will need them even more throughout this process...thank you to all of you for all the support


  1. We are definitely praying for you and Dustin. We believe that God will give you the wisdom, strength, courage and guidance that you are asking for. May He also comfort each of you and wrap you both in His arms.
    Thank you creating this blog, we will be checking it often. The url has been sent to the members of our CMA chapter, who are also praying for you and Dustin.

    Zombie & Blessed
    Lighthouse Riders

  2. dustin granger, i'm praying for you bro. brock.

  3. Dustin and Amy, it was a pleasure meeting you this afternoon. We will continue praying and definitely be praying on Tuesday. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. Zombie and Blessed

  4. Get well quik, u lazy bum,
    Theres lot of work 2 do.
    If u stay sick, its more work 4 me,
    And I'd rather it was 4 u. Ha Ha

    Please let us know if there is anything you need. Our hearts and our prayers go out to you.

    Jerry Amanda Bobbie