Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7th

i apologize for keeping everyone waiting for today's status update...surgery went really well , they were able to successfully amputate the leg in a single surgery (they feared it may take 2 tries because of the lack of skin)

Dustin has been suffering from excrutiating pain today, but the doctors and nurses say that today will be the worst, and it will get significantly better from here. Dustin has finally fallen asleep for the evening (at least for now) i am sitting in a chair next to him manning his PCA drip (the pain meds button) that way he can sleep without having to wake up to hit the button when the meds wear off, so every 8 minutes he gets a dose of deloten, until midnight when they bring him another dose of oral meds

tomorrow i will write more, but i wanted to leave you with a quote from my husband...after surgery today he looked at me and asked what the date was, i of course answered April 7th, he responded...

"April 7th; that seems like a day to remember"


  1. Hi there,..
    Just passing by here in the web, and suddenly I saw this blog of yours..
    Well, it's true, that we don't know about each other..
    But sincerely I'll pray for Dustin's health and comfort...

    Best regards,


  2. Awesome news, about the success of the surgery. I will send an update to our chapter, they are praying for both of you. May God continue to show you His glory and surround you with His strength and blessing.

  3. I was so shocked and saddened to hear about Dustin's accident, but im relieved he is on his way to recovery. Once you guys make it back to austin if you ever need any random errand run, a meal, a dog sitter or whatever dont hesitate to call! I will pray every day for you two!!! God Bless.

  4. Amy, the day Dustin met you was the day his life was saved. You are a treasure. Please let us know if we can help. Ted and Christina Morgan.

  5. Dustin, Lots of prayers and get wells coming from Austin. If anyone can get through this it would be you and your family. Do me a favor though, don't harrass the Docs and nurses to much. No throwing paper wads or psst, pssst's! I have been holding down your Yahoo pool for you. It may have dropped a little. I think the score is in the 40's right now. We miss ya bunches.