Tuesday, March 31, 2009

dustins accident

I probably should've made this the first post but i was trying to figure this blogging thing out. so here is goes....

Saturday march 28th dustin had gone to houston to trade in the honda and get his first Harley Davidson (her name was dyna). Unfortunately dustin was only able to keep her for aprrox 3 hours. Dustin was riding down highway 6 when a lady pulled out of a gas station (and from what we can tell) t-boned dustin. he was life flighted to hermann memorial hospital in the tx medical center where they discovered he sustained mutilpe injuries to both of his legs.

where we sit now is that dustin has a fracture to his left leg below the knee, nothing too major. however his right leg is a different story. his right knee is shattered and he has broken the bones above and below his knee. he has sustained sever damage to the tissue and skin surrounding the area.

Early sunday moring he had surgery to place his knee (in what is best described in a big metal tri-pod), and given a morphine drip.

today (tuesday) he has been in good spirits, and headed into his 2nd of several surgeries to come. according to the computer monitor here at the hospital he just got done with his surgery. which was to clean his wound and allow the plastic surgeon and orthopedic teams to better assess his wounds.


  1. Hello, Amy & Justin and family -

    You don't know me. I am a friend of John Williams. We worked together at BMC Software several years ago. I, too, am a current BJMer. I talked with John yesterday on the way to the BJM meeting. I announced the situation to the entire group gathered in the sanctuary (better part of 500 individuals). They plan to pray for all of y'all. Good luck and God Speed to y'all.
    SunShine (Cathy) Jackson

  2. CONGRATS on the leaving from the hospital!!