Friday, April 3, 2009

meeting with doctors

After surgery yesterday dustin was able to meet with 2 of his doctors to discuss the current situation with his leg.

surgery yesterday was again to clean the wound and reset the knee, dustin also asked that both the orthopedic and plastic surgery teams to be in the room so that they could reassess his status.

Dustin was able to ask Dr Martin (from the orthopedic team) if she thought there was any change in their diagnosis....he was not looking for a miraculous recovery, just information. The doctor explained to him that from a bone standpoint that his knee is completely shattered and that they would be able to pin and needle it back together; however it would NEVER function properly again. He would most likely never regain the ability to lift his foot up and down (due to nerve damage) and he would lose the "hinge" function in his knee. He would always have a limp, which could inturn lead to other issues in both his hip and ankle. He asked what her professional opinion would be, and she explained that if amputation is the route he chooses to go he will have a rough recovery, but will lead a normal and healthy life...the surgery route he never would (and that at some point they would end up taking his leg regardless)

today (friday) the prosthetic team is coming to meet with us, to provide us with information, guidance and poin us in the right direction for the kind of support that dustin will need. he feels that his decision is pretty muh made...he does not feel like he has given up the fight to save his leg, but has made the right decision to continue on with the life that he loves.

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  1. Ted and I are hoping you can feel the love coming at you from every direction. We know you are both young, strong, and up to the challenge. We are so proud just to know you both and be a part of your lives. We hope you will let us know pronto if we can be of help. You are surrounded by a warm circle of friends and family.