Monday, April 27, 2009

stitches gone tomorrow

well tomorrow we meet with dustins orthopedic doctor again, this time to REMOVE the stitches. we are so excited that they will finally be gone. this means less maintenace and dustin can take a shower without having to worry about putting a plastic bag over his right leg.

we will also begin therapy at a new location this week. dustin will start more grueling physical therapy to help him gain more strength so he will be ready to get his leg...

speaking of his new leg, they say he should have it in 3 weeks!!!! we will meet breifly with his prosthetist tomorrow as well. dustin will get his shrink sock, which will help to properly shape his stump to get fitted for his prosthethis, and next week they will take a cast of his leg to build the socket.

things are moving right along, soon enough dustin will be up and walking all on his own

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  1. Hey !!
    Found this out thru Bob L. the day after or that Sat. What crap!!!
    I'll probably have to send you a private blog or email, just to vent on your behalf, some more, yet hopefully you're past most of it yourself, and it sounds like with Amy and her family's support you'll be just fine!
    I know we( you, me Bob L. hadn't even gotten out together for a country ride.. oh well later, somehow, someday.
    Dustin, I'm just now seeing and being made aware of your birthday celebration coming up this Sun...Congratulations!
    Thank God you have Amy, your families and nearby friends....if there anything at all that I or Laurie can do for you and Amy, all ya gotta do is let me know..

    You are absolutely already enduring what most would not want to face or bear; my heart is out to you and my respect is yours.



    ps I'm new enuf at this blogging thing didn't realize I posted to your blog giving out the hosp. address sorry!