Thursday, April 9, 2009

today is a GREAT day!!

Today has been full of great things!!! during physical therapy today dustin STOOD UPand GOT OUT OF BED!!! he went from sitting on the edge of his bed to a standing position using his walker. the first time was a real challenge for him since he had not been out of bed in 12 days. he experienced quite a bit of pain and light headedness when all the blood rushed to his residual limb. but, like all things, they say this pain will decrease each and every time he stands up.

from the walker he was able to turn his body to sit in a wheelchair. and of course, for dustin, sitting was not all he wanted to do. so he took the tour of the 6th floor. he traveled along past the nurses station where all the nurses that have come in contact with him greeted him with smiles and encouraging remarks. from there dustin decided he was up for a little challenge so he traveled to the waiting room where there are ramps. he went down the first ramp with no problem so he decided to go down a second ramp. it was at the bottom that he realized that he had to go back up the ramps to get back to his room. it was a bit of a struggle but he made it to the top of both ramps on his own.

just a few minutes ago his doctor came in to change the dressing on his leg, which showed us that he is healing really well, with no signs of any complications. we were told that if dustin continues with the progress he has made already we may be leaving the hospital early next week!!!!

in about an hour we are meeting with his prosthetist to learn more about getting him his new i said today is a GREAT day!!!

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