Wednesday, April 15, 2009

progress at home

sorry its been a delay since my last post, we have been working on mastering the art of manuevering around the home with the walker, building muscle and working on a routine.

Dustin, of course, is progressing extrememly well. between him and my dad he has figured out a way to manage the bathroom with ease, all it took was a little bit of ingenuity (he has to fold one of legs of his walker in a little bit to fit through the door). dustin managed to get his own lunch yesterday: he made it out of his chair to the kitchen, grabbed his soup, took it to the microwave and heated it up all on his own, all he needed was help getting it back to his seat. (i know this seems like a simple task, but try it hopping on one leg while holding onto a walker).
Today dustin and i went to the park. one thing he has learned is that it takes some serious upper body strength to use the wheel chair and walk with your arms. so while at the park today he wheeled about a half mile until he got too tired, then we found a shady spot under a tree for him to do some strength training excersises. dustin has learned how to use his chair and a resistance band to help build up his strength.
next week we meet with the orthopedic doctor to make sure everything is healing properly (and hopefully get the stitches out), and we will also meet with his rehab doctor and prosthetist to start the process of learning how to walk again.
it is amazing that at just over a week since his surgery my husband is already so independent, and dustin's attitude has not faltered at all. he has no problem making jokes about his situation or waving his "nubby" at our nephew or Riley (ricky and dianna's little girl)


  1. Hey Amy, just wanted to let you know, you are Dustin have been in my family's prayers! Hope you are well! We miss u at the 40/40!

  2. We're thinking about you both. Dustin, hang in there, sweetheart. Amy, you are incredible. Dustin, you are the luckiest guy alive to have Amy in your life! You two young, beautiful people are bravely getting on with the business of life. I'm glad you are both such happy people. It'takes a lot of love and a lot of laughs to get you through times like these.