Thursday, April 9, 2009

the new life begins

Dustin is doing amazingly well the last two days. thanks to his doctors they have gotten his pain under control. he is doing so well that he has not used his delotin drip since yesterday afternoon. And he has been in a great mood.

Yesterday he started physical therapy (no time for rest on the road to recovery). his therapist showed him some excercises to keep his hip muscles limber. they had him lift and lower his residual limb (the stump) off the bed 10 times, then had him do what is easiest described as snow angels with his legs. they then got him to sit up, and he eased his way to the edge of the bed. He got dizzy and had to lay back down, but great progress for the first day. the dizziness was expected since he lost some blood during surgery.

in about an hour the PTs are coming in with a WALKER, the plan is to get dustin up and out of bed, and take a few steps using his walker. i cannot even express how excited i am for this moment. for those of you who know dustin well, you know he has been in agony being stuck in bed for this long. hopefully tomorrow they will get him in a wheelchair and i will be able to take him out of our room so he can see some of the world again.

Dustin's attitude still amazes me, even though i wouldn't expect anything else from him. Thank you so much for all the well wishes, flowers, gifts and prayers. you can tell that all the prayers are working when you look into his eyes and see....happiness, hope and determination.

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