Wednesday, April 29, 2009

stitches no more

dustin's stitches came out yesterday!!! and that will be our last visit to the orthopedic surgeon until after dustin has his first fitting for his new leg.

yesterday we also met with the prosthetist, who gave dustin a shrink sock, which is designed to constrict dustin's stump to shrink it and shape it to the proper form for his prosthetic. we were also able to see an example of what dustin'n new knee and foot will look like. the knee he is getting is best described as looking like a small car jack. it is hydraulic so that when he bends it it will swing back out on its own. and his ankle has a swivel function that will allow him to still play golf, and it has springs that lead into the foot. the springs allow him to jump, and offer him shock support. what we were really excited about is that dustin will be able to personalize his leg. the prosthetist told him to think about what he wants his leg to look this he means that dustin gets to come up with some sort of design, logo, emblem to put on his leg. so he instructed us to find a t-shirt/piece of material to incorporate into the construction of his knee to reflect him and his personality.

according to the prosthetist dustin will get a cast made next thursday to create the socket, then in about 7-10 days he will have his new leg built!

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