Monday, April 20, 2009

this weekend

Dustin is getting around more and more each day. everyday we try to get out of the house for at least a little while. Some days its just for a walk/roll around the block, some days we do things a little bit more exciting.

For our outing on saturday we decided to venture out into the monsoon weather and head to kevin's dealership, republic harley davidson (where dustin bought his bike), to go to a bike show. dustin was thrilled to get out of the house to do something he loves. however the day made him a little sad. not sad because it made him think of the accident but sad because he is not able to ride right now. when we left the dealership he talked to me about dyna (the bike) and how pretty she was, about how i would have loved the seat, he even told me about the pin-striping on broke my heart to hear him speak about what he loves so much, but is unable to truely enjoy at this time. its all temporary, right?

Sunday we went to our old church, fellowship of the woodlands, which was nice...the place has gotten so big now. they talked about how God has a plan, it may not be in line with your plans, but He is so big and so amazing, that if you accept that he will unveil his plan to you over may not understand it now, but trust that He does have one.

Today we went to see dustin's orthopedic doctor...we had high hopes of getting his stitches out, but the doctor said he needs to keep them in for another week. his leg is healing really nicely...and definitely stitches will be removed next monday. since they did not remove the stitches when we were hoping i think therapy/prosthetic plans are set back a little bit...but we need him 100% before we move him to the next step.

i just want to give everyone a heads up, dustin's birthday is this saturday...i am not sure what exactly we are doing yet, but i will let yall know as soon as we have it squared away

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