Tuesday, April 21, 2009

another step

Dustin took a shower today!!!! he decided that he no longer needed sponge baths (even though he REALLY likes his nurse) so he took the plunge and took his first actual shower in over 3 weeks!!! we of course had to tape up his leg, but he has able to get into the shower, sit on his shower chair, and with the help of a handheld shower head he was able to bathe himself and wash his own hair.

i, of course, was a nervous wreck when we decided to try this out today, but he did great!!!! his left leg has gotten so much stronger since we have left the hospital, and he is so good at using his walker to support him that i need to let him do things on his own...and each and every time he has tried out a new task he astonishes me with how far he has come

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