Saturday, April 4, 2009

the date has been set

After multiple talks with dustin's orthopedic doctor and the prosthetic team he has come to realize his decision. Dustin has chosen the route that should lead to quickest recovery possible. He has chosen living his life over waiting, hoping that someday he will have a life again. After much thought, prayer, information, and soul searching dustin has decided to let the doctors take his leg.

As i mentioned before they will be removing the leg above his knee (approx. where the break is), after surgery we will be in the hospital for another week or two; but therapy will start almost immediately. they will begin working with his thigh muscle in his residual limb (the remaining part of his right leg) to strengthen those muscles and get him ready to wear his prosthesis. the doctor's feel that the break in his left leg will not prohibit him from standing on it right away (the fracture was minimal), and the rehab team will help to strenghten that leg and teach him to adjust to having to rely on the prosthesis.

this rehab process will be grueling, but is necessary for him to regain normal function in his leg. he is preparing himself for the battle ahead, and knows that his willingness to work is everything. dustin has goals of walking, running, working out, getting back to work, starting a family with me, and eventually getting back on a bike again. with these goals in sight he will be able to keep his eye on the target.

Tuesday will be the day that we say good bye to dustin's right leg.

as the doctor told us "this is not the end; just a new beginning"


  1. As always we will be praying for a quick recovery and for you both to feel God's presence and peace around you as you start yet another chapter in your lives. PLEASE call us if you need anything!! Just remember to thank God for the good days and lean on Him during the tough ones. Never forget you both have alot of people here for you, too!! Love always, Keith and Teresa

  2. Dustin, we are all ready to help you in your new beginning. We are always with you, kiddo. Show em how its done.

  3. hmmmm April 7. Mark it on the calendar. sounds like a great day to start a new life. not everyone gets this opportunity....just don't leave behind the really great parts of your old life (family, friends, me haha). and give me a niece already!!!

  4. Dustin and Amy,
    My families thoughts and prayers are with you guys. I hope you make for a speedy recovery. We miss you in Austin,the office is not the same with out you...So hurry back soon.
    ~Mimi and Kurt

  5. Love you guys! Know that we are thinking about both of you always. CJ sends kisses!!!

    Sheri and Bob

  6. We are praying for both of you, the surgeons, the surgical team and all those that will assist in your recovery. May God continue to grant you comfort, wisdom, strength and courage. Zombie and Blessed