Sunday, June 7, 2009

dustin is going to be a model

this week, like all other weeks, we spent most of our time at physical therapy and doctor's appointments. However, this week a couple exciting things happened. Dustin's therapist is absolutely amazing, and pushes him every day in his sessions. she has him walk in all directions, including backwards and sideways to improve his gate and to help teach him to trust his new leg. she has dustin wear a harness and he has to walk and pull her without any crutch. she also had him jump on the trampoline to learn to utilize the springs in his foot. Her hopes are that this week in therapy he will no longer use a crutch. and she will teach him to walk while carrying objects, and teach him to walk in curved formations and figure 8's.

dustin's therapist is so impressed with his improvement (10 weeks since accident, 8 1/2 weeks since surgery) that she has been photographing him for her clinic's pamphlets. (his first modeling gig)

We also went to the amputee clinic this week, to have a check up with the amputee team. They are also extremely impressed with dustin's strength, attititude, and rapid recovery. The whole team was shocked at how well dustin is walking so quickly. and they also approached dustin about a second modeling job. They have asked dustin to come back this next week to be the "dummy" for the final lab for the med students/physical therapy students.

At this point we are on schedule for dustin to be crutch free and work ready in about a month. Dustin's attitude has never faltered, and he makes a lasting impression on every person he touches throughout his life. people are shocked by his story, but amazed at how well he is doing and how he has maintained his sense of humor and his determination to get better gets stronger each day.

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  1. Wow, how awesome....we have been thinking about you guys & hope to see you both soon!