Saturday, May 23, 2009

its a leg!!!

a week ago we were able to bring home dustin's new leg!!!! seeing his face light up when he takes a step on his leg is absolutely amazing, and makes this journey worth it. he was so excited about having his new leg that he hated to take it off the whole weekend. that saturday he wore it to a crawfish boil and all night playing poker with some friends. The following day we made a trip to Austin, to see our home and visit our neighbors. And of course, Dustin wore his leg most of the day.

Even though he loves wearing his leg, the actual act of wearing it and attempting to walk tires him out. walking for dustin is more of a workout for him than it has ever been for us. He has to keep the muscles in his butt tight at all times (his butt actually controls his leg, and more specifically his hydraulic knee) as well as keeping the muscles in his stump flexed as well. So generally he can only wear his leg for about 3 hours everyday. We are working to increase this number everyday...of course with our goal being that he can wear and walk on his leg for the entire day.

This week of 2 legs has been full of Dr. appts, physical therapy, lawyer meetings, and leg adjustments. But, amid all our double bookings and making what seems like hundreds of trips to go downtown we snuck in a meeting with "dustin's benefit team" and they have worked out a ot of details of the event. I am working on figuring out how to put a copy of the flyer on the blog to promote the event.... once i get the flyer on here yiou will see there is bike ride, a bikini bike wash, bbq, silent auction, games and a raffle for 2 round trip airline tickets from continental airlines. raffle tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20, and the winner will be announced on june 28th (day of benefit) and posted on the blog the following day

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